To relax, being surrounded by an aristocratic atmosphere, or as a strategic place to visit the most beautiful sites in Puglia, 24 km far from Bari airport, and only a few km from the seaside, Villa Ciardi is a magnificent place to enjoy the sea in summer and history in winter, making your important moments unforgettable.

Seaward and built around an old harbor, ideal for brides photo shootings or to discover the fortified town, Bisceglie consists of very narrows streets that go up to the castle, dating back to the Svevian époque.
The Torre Maestra (the Grand Tower), 27 m high, dominates from the highest point Saint Peter Apostle Cathedral over the area, which is rich in churches and monasteries, palaces, villas and hamlets.

There are even dolmens and caves that in the past were inhabited and that are ready to be visited and photographed, while you are getting lost in ancient times.

Bari, 40 km far,is the administrative center of Puglia, crossroad of several cultures and meeting point of mundanity and tradition, of the simplicity of the sea and the complexity of the city.

Matera, 90 km far, with its famous Sassi, has been the location of important movies like “The Passion” by Mel Gibson.

Alberobello, 90 km far, with its Trulli, Unesco World Heritage, and the white narrow streets, is the perfect place to experience the flavor of simple life.