Steeped in history, in a centuries-old park and under an original stone colonnade, under finely decorated ceilings, you will enjoy the authentic pleasures of royal lifestyle.

Everywhere, in the hotel rooms, you can feel a relaxed atmosphere, as if you were in “an oasis in town”, a sense of calm, almost unreal, reigns - more than elsewhere - in the “royal suite”, Countess Elena Curtopassi’s bedroom. Of course, the bedrooms’ design could not be too different from the style of all other rooms so that their concept has taken its definitive shape after several meetings with the most famous architects and designers.

Our aim was to create an architecture that was as simple as possible and belonged both to the past and to the future, an elegant minimalism where every sophisticated stylistic detail was exalted in a sense of illusory simplicity, giving life to a heavenly place, where you can feel at home. The rooms set in the wood have been created to offer a sense of relax and freedom, in a context that communicates serenity. The suites in the aristocratic villa are “authentic”, spacious and valued by that sense of nature and simplicity that reminds of “ancient flavors”. The “royal suite” has pavilion-shaped vaults, decorated with frescos, inlayed marble floors, valued finishing, authentic furniture, textiles, and cushions made of very fine silk. The same has a wide bathroom and a private terrace for breakfast.

From its windows, you can feel the smell and see the colors of the surrounding gardens, and if you are lucky, some cute foxes seeking refuge in the caves.

Its eight princely rooms have private terrace, bath, wired wireless, wi-fi, minibar, safe, linen, and their furniture is typical of that period.