Between Wedding Party Vip and reserved Gala Dinners

In Puglia, Villa Ciardi is the refined and exclusive reception room for gala dinners and private VIP parties.

Villa Ciardi has already been chosen by Cav. Silvio Berlusconi with his partner Francesca Pascale for a gala dinner ( read here ), was visited with curiosity by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi ( read here ), was chosen to stay during the shooting of a film by the actor Michele Venitucci ( read here ) and recently it was the location for a photo shoot with the actress Sara Ricci , ( read here ) and the international actor Ronn Moss. Last to come to us, this time, it was the well-known singer and now presenter, Anna Tatangelo ( read here ) .

Villa Ciardi was also chosen by super guests for their wedding, who brought actors like Dino Abbrescia to our home ( read here ), was the location of the dreams of a former Big Brother competitor ( read here ) and & nbsp; the set of a pompous wedding of Indian tycoons ( read here ). & nbsp;

The well-known Dj MissKriss also passed by Villa Ciardi (read here), the beauty of Men and Women Giovanni Conversano, to present an unforgettable evening in our room, and the winner of the first Italian edition of the TV show "The greatest pastry chef " aired on Rai 2 in 2014, Antonio Daloiso , chosen by a married couple to take care of the wedding cake and the dessert buffet of their most beautiful day.

Villa Ciardi is the glorious and exclusive place to transform your important occasions into unforgettable moments.

Get inspired by our portfolio of events and feedback from our guests and find out how to make each event memorable.

Meetings and Congresses

Villa Ciardi hosted the Forum Riada 2019 with exceptional speakers: in addition to Marco Landi, former president of Apple, also Francesco Giorgino, journalist and well-known face of TV and Michele Emiliano, president of the Puglia Region.