Every season requires adequate choices and Villa Ciardi can be unique in every period of the year. The long and majestic boulevard is spotted by lights, the dwelling is constantly illuminated, the pool twinkles under the moonlight. The most common months for wedding parties go from May to September, but April and October are becoming popular too.

Winter wedding is gaining popularity in Bari and surroundings, especially at Christmas time, when the party offers very suggestive atmospheres and people are keener on family reunions warmed by their relatives’ love.

On Christmas Eve, just a little before midnight, Jesus Child’s birth is celebrated in the patronal church. During the ceremony, the bride puts an old statue of the Holy Child on the altar, surrounded by the love and the emotion of her guests.

Getting married in the winter

Much success in Bari and its province is enjoying the wedding in winter, especially during the Christmas period, when the party enjoys a very suggestive atmosphere and people are more willing to family reunions warmed by the affection of their loved ones.


Getting married in the fall

Autumn is gaining momentum in the choice of "yes", especially in October. The decorations and arrangements here follow the change of season and the autumn party enjoys a very suggestive atmosphere.


Getting married in spring

In spring Villa Ciardi becomes superlative, thanks also to the wisteria that embraces the house. Its lush centuries-old park is full of intimate and unexpected corners: here, amidst a riot of flowers and greenery, luxury and romantic details meet contemporary elements, for an inspiration played on contrasts.


Getting married in the summer

Villa Ciardi promises unforgettable parties in the summer. If you imagine getting married in the warm sun of the summer or you want to give your guests the fairy tale of a midsummer night, the reception becomes a real convivial moment